Since the launch of smartmicro radars at the 2021, TSL in collaboration with City & District Councils across NZ have installed over 100 units. The radars are now seen as an alternative to induction loops and offer significant whole-of-life benefits including traffic classification and collection. One tool with three functions! 

Smart City Limited (SCL) are working in partnership with TSL to deliver added value to existing and new smartmicro radar customers by offering a fully integrated visualisation & analytics solution that captures real-time data to generate valuable insights. Such insights enable traffic engineers to improve road network efficiency, capacity planning by mode such as cyclists, as well as traffic monitoring to support the development of smart traffic management plans to optimise construction.

This system is the first of its kind in NZ and is the most comprehensive traffic data tool on the market. It offers you a one-stop shop solution for traffic counting, classification and collection of traffic data to monitor and analyse congestion, travel-time and origin-destination to optimise the network and keep traffic moving efficiently.

As well as serving technology TSL also deliver services like Water Cutting/Line Removal, Safety Surfacing and ELV Traffic Signals.

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